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September 01, 2020

Choosing the Right Wig for You

Tips for finding the perfect wig!

Finding the right wig and style could leave you feeling frustrated and confused. What color, length, or texture, do you want curly or straight hair? Should it be synthetic or human hair? There is a lot to consider.


In the past, women often had to deal with itchy, heavy, synthetic wigs if they hoped to cover up during chemotherapy treatments. But today the options are so lifelike and diverse that choosing a wig is exciting!


Below are a few simple steps that will make finding the perfect wig for you simple:


Step 1. What is your head size?

Wigs come in several sizes: petite, average, and large. In general, if you have trouble finding hats big enough, you might need a large size wig. If hats are always too big, you might need a petite size wig.


Step 2. What style best fits the shape of your face?

Most women who need a wig because of medical induced hair loss just want it to look as normal and natural as possible. Try on wigs that are a little longer than the length you are used to, that way a wig stylist will have more room to design the wig to fit your face. Don't stress when a wig looks too thick for you. All wigs are made with 10%-30% more hair than you actually need and must be aerated to make them look natural. This allows your stylist to thin and trim your wig to achieve the style you want.


Step 3. What color is best for my skin tone?

You probably know what kind of colors you like in your hair. Wigs with multiple shades look more natural than a solid color. Our wig experts will be able to show you a variety of colors that you are able to choose from. A human hair wig can be tinted if you don't like the color, however, you don't want to lighten it. Using any bleaching product on a wig will damage it and cause hair loss. The color of synthetic hair cannot be changed.


Step 4. What kind of wig/cap do I need?

The next thing to consider is what type of wig suits you best. If you need full coverage due to hair loss or you want to try a different color or style altogether, then you want to choose a full wig. If you want a solution for thin hair, and want to add fullness or additional volume, length, or curl, then try a top piece. The top piece blends into your own hair to look very natural.


Step 5. What's best for me: synthetic or human hair?

If you intend to wear the wig daily, then you will want to choose a higher quality wig that is very comfortable and has a cap that allows for good air circulation. A good wig will also have tape areas on the front, sides, and nape where you can use toupee tape to secure on it.


The next thing to consider how you plan to style the wig.


Human hair offers the ability to color, curl, or perm the wig. It is soft and feels the most natural. A human hair wig needs more maintenance. Just like natural hair, it will react to humidity, rain, hot sun, etc, and needs styling often. Human hair wigs are also more expensive than synthetic.


Synthetic wigs require little styling, although the style is set and not very easy to change. There is a new type of synthetic  hair that has the best features of both human and synthetic hair. It mimics human hair and can be styled like human hair, but retains its body and shape like synthetic hair.



We recommend that you take your wig to a professional wig stylist. While wearing your wig, the stylist can cut, trim, and even thin your wig to make it look like your own.



No matter where or when you purchase a wig, if you want to achieve the most natural look, its good to be educated and really understand the look you're going for, and shop accordingly.


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