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September 01, 2020

How to care for your Human Hair Wig.

Just like your growing hair, your human hair wig requires time and attention. If you want to extend the life of your wig and keep it looking beautiful, the proper care products are essential. For human hair wigs, choose sulfate-free care products or products specifically formulated for color treated hair to keep the color looking vibrant longer. Our products are formulated to provide superb care for your human hair wig. Using these products will ensure the beauty of the hair. They are paraben-free to provide gentle cleansing and lasting protection.

Our Sulfate-free care products:

Shampoo: Adds incredible moisture to the hair, eliminating any dry or brittle feeling. It leaves the hair feeling soft while keeping the color safe and the hair shiny.

Conditioner: Gently detangles while adding moisture to the hair, never weighing it down. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help strengthen dry and brittle hair while calming down dry, frizzy ends.

Aragan Oil: After cleansing, soaks in quickly to produce a glowing shine.

Thermal Spray: Heat activated and excellent when used with flat irons, curling irons, hot and velcro rollers. This non-sticking thermal protectant and styling spray prevents hair damage by permitting a clean release from styling tools. Hair is left brushable and volumized.

3 Way Styling Spray: This unique product lets you decide what type of spray pattern and hold you want. Choose from light, medium, or high hold, depending on your styling needs. This humidity resistant, thermal friendly formula will never get sticky. Gives you flexibility to brush through and restyle your hair as many times as you desire.


Human Hair Care Instructions:

1. Gently remove tangles using a wide tooth comb, working gradually from the ends to the root of the hair.

2. While holding the hair in your hands, gently wet with cool water, but do not soak as this may cause the hair to tangle. Once wet, apply a small amount of shampoo and distribute evenly throughout the hair using your fingers.

3. Rinse with cool water to remove shampoo. Make sure the water is flowing the same direction as the hair. DO NOT WRING OR TWIST.

4. Apply a small amount of conditioner and distribute evenly using your fingers.

5. Rinse with cool water to remove conditioner. Gently pat and press with a soft towel to remove excess water. DO NOT RUB, SQUEEZE, WRING OR TWIST.

6. Place on a folding stand and allow to air dry. DO NOT BLOW DRY WIG. DO NOT BRUSH OR COMB WHEN WET.

7. Apply a small amount of Argan Oil to damp hair, working from ends to roots. This will be instantly absorbed into the hair, producingan incredible shine while adding elasticity and suppleness. Strengthens and conditions the hair.

8. Once dry, use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to come through the hair. Use thermal spray to protect the hair before using a curling iron or flat iron.


If you are having trouble caring for your wig or do not feel comfortable washing it yourself, bring your wig into our boutique and leave it with us over night. We will wash it for you!

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