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September 03, 2014

You have to have fun when you can!

I HAVE to share one woman's experience here at Wigs 'N Things Boutique.


This week a woman and her friend visited Wigs 'N Things. She was starting chemo in a few days and was looking for a wig that she can wear during her treatments. Jen helped her find the perfect wig and the customer fell in love with it instantly. Once she was wearing her wig, her friend put one on and asked Jen to follow them out to their car. When they got outside, the women put the top down on their convertible and they both got inside with their sunglasses on. They had me take pictures while they shared a mini bottle of wine and a cheesestick. While Jen was snapping photos, the woman told her that it may seem silly, but they have to have fun when they can.

Being an employee at Wigs 'N Things, we learn a lot of life lessons and I am sure I speak for everyone here at the boutique when I say we definitely learned one when these amazing women visited us.


Life is short and you never know what will be thrown your way. You have to have fun when you can!!

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