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February 28, 2016

Tips for First Time Wig Wearers

5 useful tips.

Tip 1. Keep to your present hairstyle

We have first time customers come into the boutique with family or friends who say, "Now is your change to look like..", but in our years of experience in the wig industry those undergoing chemo therapy just want to be who they are.

So our #1 tip we give our first timers is to choose a style of wig that keeps ‘your look’ and retains who you are. The same advice applies to women who are new to wearing wigs and don’t need one for medical reasons. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident. Of course, if you want to be different, we wont stop you - GO FOR IT!



Tip 2.  Consider a color change     

While we recommend staying with your current style, you can make small styling changes but a great way to get a new look is to change the color of your hair.

It doesn’t need to be a complete color change, although there’s nothing wrong with a brunette becoming a blonde but you can make changes in shades of color – either going darker or lighter. You can  add a little spunk to your look with a wigs that has highlighted colours.




Tip 3. Have two wigs

Having another wig has advantages for you! (We aren't just saying this because we are a Wig Boutique).  You can use one wig for more important or formal occasions and one for the everyday casual look. It also means you have something to  wear when you are washing your wig. If anything happens to wig number one, you have a back-up wig immediately available.

In addition, if you rotate wearing the wigs, it means less wear and tear and extends the life of each wig.




Tip 4.Use the correct care products 

Wigs need specially formulated products. These are mild shampoos that will gently clean and refresh your wig keeping it shiny, more manageable and giving it more body.The correct care products will also help extend the life of you wig, retaining its natural beauty and shape. Just note, that synthetic wigs and human hair wigs need different product, but you won't have to look far. We carry all of the products you will need to care for you new wig right here in our boutique!




Tip 5.Use professional styling products    

After washing your wig, use a professional Revitalising Mist specifically  designed for wigs. It  will make the hair more manageable and bring back the sheen and style of your wig. The mists are specifically formulated to maintain the life and long-lasting beauty of wigs. As well as the revitalizing mist, there are mousse spritz and formulated spray for wigs.



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