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May 09, 2015

Can you swim in your wig?

With the warm weather we are having, I think it is safe to say summer time is here! Kids are finishing up school, pools will be opening, and vacations will be taken, which brings me to a question we are asked often here at Wigs 'N Things.. "Can I wear a wig to swim in?"

The answer is yes! We suggest that you buy a wig specifically for swimming. You don't want to swim in your wig that you wear da...ily.

The question that shortly follows is "how do you keep it on in the water?"...

We suggest that you tape it on so that you know it's secure or you can buy a swim cap that is nice and tight to hold your hair in place. You want to know you wig isn't going to fall off as soon as it gets wet.

Don't ever let your lack of hair keep you from doing the things that truly enjoy. At Wigs 'N Things, we are here to help you build your confidence and make you feel beautiful.
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