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January 13, 2021

Common Wig Myths

Despite the big changes in the wig industry to improve the way wigs look and feel, many misconceptions about wigs still exist. Here are a few of the major myths we hear about in our industry:


Myth #1: Wigs are hot, itchy, and uncomfortable

This may have been the case years ago, but this is no longer true. With major innovations in today's wig design, wigs are now lighter and more comfortable than every before. Many wigs weigh in 2 oz or less! Wigs today have great air circulation due to lighter cap construction and new lightweight wig fiber. The lightweight wig fiber is softer and finer, which results in an even lighter look and feel. Along with the all the innovations, new features have been added to wigs to provide additional comfort, like gel bands for added softness and also a non-slip lining that naturally adheres to your head. Most wigs now come in sizes, which snsure that your wig will remain comfortably and securely in place without the fear of falling off.


Myth #2: Human Hair Wigs are better than Synthetic because they are more natural

One of the largest misconceptions about wigs is that 100% human hair wigs will look more natural than synthetic wigs. Many women when buying wigs have the fear that if they buy a synthetic wig that it will look "synthetic". This is false! Human hair and synthetic wigs both have their own unique benefits. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and they are the easiest type of wig to care for. There are a variety of features that come along with buying a synthetic wig, including non-slip liners, lightweight fibers, and they now come in different sizes to ensure the best fit. Human hair wigs do not come pre-styled, but they are more versatile than synthetic wigs and also require more work. Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs can be heat styled, which is a neat feature of this type of wig. Human hair wigs tend to weigh a little more and often require some trimming and customization to make them personal and comfortable. Both wigs have their unique features and benefits, but no matter which wig you choose there is no doubt that you will feel beautiful and confident!


Myth #3: Wigs cause damage to the scalp and slow the growth of natural hair

This is absolutely not true! Wearing wigs does not cause any harm to the scalp or inhibit re-growth of natural hair. Women choose to wear wigs to improve their mood and self-confidence for many different circumstances. It is important to feel happy with yourself during tough times and what better way to feel like yourself then to wear a natural looking wig.

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